An Affiliate Program That Changes Lives with a Message of EMPOWERMENT!

Our mission is to teach women to confidently and consistently perform proper Breast Self-Exams and empower them to be Proactive with their Health

More than 30 years ago, the National Science Foundation asked a group of researchers associated with the University of Florida to develop the ultimate Breast Self-Exam process that could train doctors and women to consistently find smaller breast lumps.

They came up with a patented life-like breast model that trains the fingers to feel for lumps.  It has been the gold standard for years and has been used as a training tool by doctors and nurses to perform accurate clinical breast exams.

My Breast Friend™ Training System can be used by anyone to discover suspicious and smaller breast lumps. The average size lump found by an untrained hand is the size of a Ping Pong Ball! The average size lump found by a trained hand using the My Breast Friend™ training system is the size of a PEA!

This product has never been marketed to the general public...UNTIL NOW!

Imagine all the women who could benefit from very early self-detection!

Do you share our passion?

Are you interested in making a difference in the world?

Would you like to be compensated for touching the lives of women around the globe?

Become an Affiliate and share our mission of
empowering women around the globe

Why Promote?

There are 7 great reasons to promote My Breast Friend™ ...

#1. Empower women to be proactive with their health

It is not just about the lump or the bump, it is about empowering women of all ages to stand up for their health, their welfare and everything important to them.

#2 We have a scientific-validated and patented method

The MammaCare Method® has been scientifically researched and validated with the support of the National Cancer Institute, the National Science Foundation and scientists worldwide. My Breast Friend™ has an exclusive agreement with the developer and manufacturer of the Mammacare Breast Model Kits and it's video training system. 

#3 We have incredible products and services

The My Breast Friend™ kit is a proven method for women to detect suspicious lumps.

Our educational video series "Your Complete Guide To Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally" breaks down each of the 7 Essentials required to prevent breast cancer naturally. As a bonus it contains an exhaustive list of resources available to the customer. 

#4 Community of like-minded women

My Breast Friend™ attracts women who are empowered to take control of their health. Our private Facebook group is a great place for women to share their stories of empowerment.

#5 It's a promotion model that YOU control

Every day, people are sent hard sell emails from advertisers and affiliates eager to make sales. They are under pressure to meet a promotion schedule. Our program is "evergreen", which means that it is always on! This allows you to promote under your terms, whenever you want and as often as you want.

#6 We offer support

Whether it is you or your customer, we are here to help you spread the word of very early breast cancer detection. 

#7  Want to make a difference in the world and potentially save a life?

Finding a lump sooner than later dramatically increases survival rate. Women are so grateful and excited about this training system. They have never been trained to perform an accurate Breast Self-Exam and many of them live in fear or denial about potentially finding a lump. Now they can confidently notice any changes in their breast tissue in between yearly doctor’s appointments, mammograms, thermograms and/or ultra sounds.

How it Works?

Simply send a few emails to your community encouraging them to check out My Breast Friend™.

If you want to create a generous income for yourself, then, then there are thousands of women's organizations you can promote to. We have:

  • Detailed sales pages
  • Pre-written emails that you can use or edit for your audience.
  • Sales post cards that you can print at your local shop for distribution

We have a two-tier affiliate program, allowing you to make commissions not only on your sales but the sales from others that you bring into the program as an affiliate.

  • 1st Tier = 25% commission on all direct sales from your referrals
  • 2nd Tier = 5% commissions on your sub-affiliate referrals
  • Receive monthly payments

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Become an Affiliate and share our mission of
empowering women around the globe

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