Welcome to a New Era of Very Early Detection!​

My Breast Friend™ is based on the Mammacare Method®, the gold standard that has trained thousands of doctors to detect suspicious lumps in women’s breasts for over 30 years.

Now this scientifically proven device is available to women around the world, so they can have early detection at their fingertips. And YOU have the opportunity to share the benefits of My Breast Friend™ with your clients or patients.

The suggested retail price for the model is $147.

You will receive access to the wholesale pricing once your application is approved:

Wholesale purchases come with 25 free brochures per 10 models and shipping is free.

We recommend that you keep brochures and a sample of the model at your front desk or an area where the model is visible and accessible. Allowing your clients or patients to palpate the model will increase curiosity about the device.

The purchase of the model comes with a 20-minute instructional video that is a very important part of the training. Without access to the video, the My Breast Friend™ model will not prove to be as effective or valuable.

For every model purchased, sign into your parent account and register the device with the client’s or patient’s name, serial number of the model and email address. This will automatically send them an email for their personal log in to have access to the video.

Thank you for sharing in our mission of “Changing lives….one breast at a time.”

Feel free to reach out if we can support you in any way.

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